Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today, as I was walking to the local market, I passed by a man, who seemed to be in his mid thirties
Now, I'm not here to talk about this man, I'm hear to talk about his awesome goggles that caught my eyes like the girl you may or may never talk to that you planned out your life with last Thursday.
I recognized them, or more accurately, recognized what "trend" if you will, they where instanlty
For you see, this man wasn't wearing just any goggles, he was wearing steampunk-esque goggles
Steampunk usually refers to "21st century" technology/ clothes that people back  a few hundred years ago might have envisioned, and made out of the simple mechanics they had.

Without further adieu, I present to you, HOW TO MAKE YOUR VERY OWN SET OF STEAMPUNK GOGGLES
thank me later ;)


  1. Nice! i'm trying those out for halloween for sure!


  2. bad ass, I wanna try that

  3. you should do a series of posts on steampunk items, like those steampunk computers out there

  4. Thanks for the positive reviews guys, can't believe my humble blog is starting to take off!

  5. How to make steampunk goggles, and just in time for Halloween!

    Cool blog, welcome to the scene.

  6. Fuck year, now I'm going to HAVE to make these.